About Barn Dances and Ceili Dances

A Barn, Set or Ceili (sometimes called a Ceilidh) Dance is a collection of traditional dances, which can be done by anyone who is mobile. No previous knowledge or experience is required because the dances are straightforward and, with the help of the caller, can be learnt on the evening of the dance and mistakes are all part of the fun!

Traditional dance

The traditional dances are thought to have originated in particular countries or regions but nowadays, the crossover and combination of dances has blurred their origins. That said, Ceili and Ceilidh both have Gaelic origins, with Ceili being Irish whereas Ceilidh is Scottish in origin. English Barn Dances traditionally consisted of circular dances, whilst square dances comprised American Barn Dances.

Nowadays, a Barn Dance would commonly consist of a combination of all of the above. However, with a live band such as The Free Mac Guinness Ceili Band, we are able to tailor the music, dances and atmosphere to your exact requirements.

Since a Barn Dance is suitable for all ages and abilities, they are ideal for any event from an informal party to a wedding.

Need more convincing??

A Barn Dance is an excellent way to mix and socialise. With mistakes being a major part of the fun, ability is irrelevant! Consider also that less inhibited children may get the dance going before dragging parents and other adults onto the dance floor. Additionally, they have more energy and staying power than most adults and it is very rare for a dance to be spoilt by misbehaving children - they enjoy it too much!!

All in all, a Barn Dance is ideal for any event, including those with a variety of age ranges.

Whatever the occasion, we will have everybody singing and dancing in no time! All ages and levels catered for!!

We also currently have CDs available to purchase, or if you would like to hear a taster, there is a short clip from each of the tracks, together with information on our previous CDs and details of how to order is available on the music page.

Free Mac CD Playing a dance



Fields of Athenry
Fields of Athenry
All proceeds from the download of Fields of Athenry will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (see music page for further details).

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